Combine sublists - in order to randomly split

I am working on a wall of tiling made up of trimmed surfaces. I want to be able to select a random subset of these surfaces and quarter them further, and then select a random subset of both the quartered and unquartered surfaces and apply a set of colors, randomly.

I believe I will be able to select the random groupings, but I am having trouble with the format of my list; right now it is a list of lists, or a list of sublists. When I try to use split list or something similar, it does not work I believe because of this format.

Therefore, how do I combine these many sublists into one list? If I am wrong in this thinking, how might I divide this list output into randomly-chosen subsets?

Thank you! (133.6 KB)

p.s. The rhino data has been internalized, but it is not at the origin; zoom out a bit and you will see it!

Flatten the output to get a single list of surfaces.

random reduction of the tiles and creating a culled list: (133.4 KB)

Mark thank you so much, both for the additional work and humoring my ignorance of the two-click solution.

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