Combine & Clean component

Hi All, I have downloaded a definition that uses the Combine and Clean component. When I try and open the definition it says that the component is from Kangaroo 0.099 which I have installed but I don’t have this component included. I tried to download it from the grasshopper component reference and the link could not be found. Is there somewhere else I can download it from or am I doing something wrong?

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You can replace the old Combine&Cleancomponent to the new K2 one.(Kangaroo2–>Mesh–>Combine&Clean)

Thanks for your reply. I don’t have the combine and clean component in Kangaroo 2 either. For Kangaroo I only have one mesh component and the utility components. That was all that was included in the user objects file included with the 0.099 download. For Kangaroo 2 I have the goals tab and the main solver tab. Do I need to download other versions of the Kangaroo 1 & 2 to get other components?

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I am also having this problem! Did you solve it in the end?

Hi @JosephHillary,
As @HS_Kim says above, you can replace this with the same component from Kangaroo 2, found under the Kangaroo2>Mesh tab