Combine all data of same type in to one element in GH

I have a collection of different groups of surfaces. i want to make sure that every surface is unique. Now i am using the set up pictured below. However it is very time consuming to connect all my collections of surfaces to the entwine component. Is there a built in function or python script i can use to make this automatically. I am not experienced in Python, but I guess it should be possible to write something like "if type is surface → get GUID → len list and create set.->len list(set). If len list = len set “OK”.

If the script finds out that there are two identical GUIDs it would be nice to know wich ones are identical so i can go back to the surface collections and edit them.

GUID is the rhino object unique ID . The only use i have for it is when running export scripts that require objects in Rhino. Globally Unique IDentifier

Do you have a better solution than using the GUIDs for controlling if every surface is unique?

Graft it it will create all separate one