Combination of Prescribed Displacement and Gravity Load Doesn't Seem to Work

Hello All,

I am trying to apply a prescribed displacement and a gravity load on my structure. However, the the gravity load seems to be causing an issue in the FEM analysis. If someone could provide any suggestion as to why it is not working that would be great!

My structure consists of a bunch of “X-shaped” elements connected in a grid by pin-joints. I’m using the Non-Linear Analysis for the FEM analysis. The first image shows the structure without a gravity load, and the second image shows the structure with a gravity load (not working properly).

Disp + Gravity

I will attach my Grasshopper File below also.
Lucas Config (1).gh (96.3 KB)

Hello @lucasm3108,
the non-linear solver did not converge in your example. It works if one relaxes the equilibium tolerance setting (see here: Lucas Config (1) (103.2 KB)). Yet this may be problematic in some cases. The geometric non-linear solver is still work in progress and needs to be improved in the future.
– Clemens