Comand UnjoinEdges is missing in german

Hey there, I am using Rhino in german. I just got to know the very cool comand UnjoinEdges in a tutorial video. This comand is just existing in english I think. It is not listed in the McNeil comandlist for translating and I really would like to use it. It works when I switch the language to english, but I am used to german. Is there a possibility to use this comand somehow in the german version?
Thanks for aswers

Put an _ (underscore) in front of the English command name to force rhino to use the English name in the German version. This is how scripts work, so they work in all languages.

@rbarcena, what’s the German command name for UnjoinEdge, do you know?



@pascal @finnja According to the documentation… “UnjoinEdge” would be “VerbindungKanteAufheben”.