Com Interface

(Pospis) #1

we try to connect our software with an open Rhino 6.4 and it doesn’t succeed.
If we connect to Rhino 6.1 it works.
We use the com-interface with VS C++.
With older versions (Rhino 4 /Rhino 5) we haven’t any problems.

IRhinoInterfacePtr m_pRhino6Interface_64;

(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi @pospis,

You might take a look at the SampleAutomationClient project in our developer samples repository on GitHub.

– Dale

(Pospis) #3

Hello Dale,
our code works with every installed Rhino (Rhino4, Rhino5, Rhino 6.1).
But it doesn’t work with latest Rhino 6.4.
What could be the reason?

(Dale Fugier) #4

Hi @pospis,

I am not sure, as you have not provided a full working sample.

Did the sample code, I referenced, work for you?

– Dale