Column sizes based on area

Hi Guys,

I am trying to create column sizes based on the area of each canopy. I have a minimum thickness and a maximum thickness. I am not sure how to apply this, but I have gotten this far. I don’t fully understand the logic of doing this.

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Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated!

Thank you! (672.2 KB)

Maybe like that (673.6 KB)

This is perfect! Thank you Seghier! :slight_smile:

Hi Seghier,

As mentioned before, each of these columns moves down based on the volume (decay rate). I have the numbers in the script. Do you know how i would implement this? (674.1 KB)

Thanks again!

What you mean by move down? do you mean the height of the culumn?

Use min/max component , is better

You can also use python to get Min/Max number, this is not response of you last question just an update of the first response

Hi Seghier,

I have managed to create the script I needed.

Thank you!

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