Column issue

VisualArq become very slow when file contains cylindric columns wich intersect with walls
All commands become slow, even when it doesnt concern columns or wall in question…

Hi @guillaume.dupas,

I couldn’t reproduce the file. Please, could you send me your file so that we can test it?


Please try to delete a column, it is very slow on my computer.
With biger file many commands are impacted

test.3dm (6.2 MB)

Hi @guillaume.dupas, thanks for reporting this issue. Since columns intersect with walls, there are some boolean operations running to make that possible, and depending on the amount of objects involved, it might take some seconds to compute. But the timing spent in your example is not normal. We will revise it and figure out what’s happening.

@guillaume.dupas After analyzing your file a bit further, I can see there are some extended walls to the roof (the blue ones), that also intersect with the columns. These extended walls are what cause this slow performance (they are also interesting with the columns). Are they necessary? After the extension, some of them are not visible at all. If you delete them and extend the walls below instead, you will notice a normal performance.

Yes, it was a mistake in my model,