Column cross section (non-uniform) optimization for buckling in Karamba


I am looking for the column buckling case with one end fixed and another one free with a normal force. First I want to start with a model of uniform cross-section column.

Then I need to optimize the cross-section of the column for buckling, while keeping the volume (mass) same as of uniform column and see how the buckling load has increased.

I want to know if this can be done in Karamba3D?

Hello @abdulalim.khan,
this can be done in Karamba3D using second order theory analysis in combination with imperfection loads, cross section optimization and the ‘Buckling Modes’-component.
For varying cross sections you need to subdivide the column into several sections.
– Clemens

Thank you for your reply.
As I want to do the comparison between uniform and non-uniform column for buckling, the volume in both cases has to be the same.
But what I understand even after subdividing the element the column will change. Is there a way to control it or am I misunderstanding it?

Dear @abdulalim.khan,
the cross section optimizer built-in in Karamba3D has no option to enforce constant mass.
The best way to achieve this would be to write a script in C# or Python. The Karamba3D scripting guide (see the manual here and examples here) contains helpful material in this respect.
– Clemens