Colouring the background of a EtoCollapsibleSectionHolder

Hi there!

I’ve been messing around with the EtoCollapsibleSection, from the Rhino.UI namespace in Rhinocommon, in order to create some custom panel. The thing is, even though I’ve tried setting it and every inner component to a custom background colour, it still seems to be bent on remaining white in the part corresponding to the divider, the localize string pair and the “collapse/reveal” button. It would seem to be the part corresponding to the EtoCollapsibleSectionHolder, but I set that one too…

Is there any way in which I could get to colour these without making my own control from the ground up?

I attach an image with the result of what I’ve tried so far…

Edit: It would be nice to change the background of the drop down menu as well…

I will need to take a look at this. It’s possible that color for the holder isn’t implemented yet.

  • Andy

Thanky you Andy, I’ll await for confirmation on that.
It’s something I somewhat expected though, as, for example, I tried changing the interface’s color values and the collapsibles within the material’s menu remain the same, even though I have a “Dark Theme” going on the rest if the UI…

So, any luck on this?

Correct. It’s not implemented yet.

Does this mean I should wait for a solution in the near future or that I’d rather start looking into doing a custom solution?