Colouring offset circles from center point

Hi all,

I’m offsetting curves from an original circle. I’m trying to evaluate the distance between the centre point of the original shape and the last circle in the series of offset’s that I have created. All that in order to colour the curves depending on that distance.

I’ve tried evaluating the points on the offset curves and trying to isolate the last value in the distance to remap with the first circle centroid but it keeps returning 25 values instead of one.

If this doesn’t make any sense please let me know and I’ll explain further.

Thom (11.8 KB) (7.9 KB)

Is this what you want?

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That’s exactly what I was after, Thanks a lot! It was all about flattening and reparametrizing before evaluating! I getting really confused as to when to use those.

I think you need to learn about Data Tree & Data Matching

Thanks for the link. I definitely do!