Colouring a grid of circle by closest distance to points (Populate 2D)

Hi All,

I’m currently struggling to colour my grid of circles in relation to the gradient of points randomly generated by the populate 2D component.

My first image looked like the image linked in this message. It displays as lines when the attractor points are menat to be denser at the bottom of the shape…

I’ve been following the tutorial done here:
This video is only relevant because he manages to colour his geometry from distance to point. The issue is that he is using individual points that he moves manually.

It seems like I might be missing something. Is creating vectors from the center of the circle on a grid and the various point cloud the solution to my problem?

I’m in real need of help with this definition. Cheers all (16.5 KB)

Like this? (16.4 KB)


Kim the usual savior!! thanks so much for your help. What was the issue? I needed to flatten the input before bounds?