Colour text tag greater than nominated value

Hi All,
I have a pretty basic knowledge of grasshopper, but I have got a definition that I have currently been using to analyse the distance between 2 sets of points. What I am trying to achieve now is to custom colour values outside a nominated value. Eg; all length values greater than 0.015 get coloured red.
I have been looking over a bunch of online vids etc. but have not find the correct approach as yet!

Any advice would be much apricated.

Michael (58.0 KB)


Can you upload the GH file you have internalised?

Hi @11159
Please find the GH Def with the data internalised.

Michael (2.0 MB)

Like this? (4.1 MB)

Iā€™m sorry.
If you want to change the color of the text, look at this file. (4.1 MB)

These both look great, the coloured font is perfect!
Many thanks for your help, been muddling around for hours to try and get the result!

I look forward to putting through a few test models.


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