Colour hatches from gradient in Grasshopper + Human plugin


I would like to create a map with hatches changing colors depending on different values, for example 1-100 where the highest number shows the area dark red. I am trying to set it up with Grasshopper and Human plugin but I am a beginner and haven’t come across any tutorials and would be happy to see an example or advise of how to set it up! I am attaching a picture of what I want to achieve.!

I think you want something like this:

Colored (10.4 KB)

Sorry, but I am really a beginner so I am not sure I understood the script correct.

I already have polylines in Rhino, like a map. I would like to control area A with a slider and the color in that area changes according to the value.

When I try the proposed script it looks like this

The slider controls the number of areas and not the color?

Why don’t you post a grasshopper file + rhino file with what you’ve got so far, and we can show you how to modify it to achieve what you’re after.

Sure! :slight_smile: (8.3 KB) rhino grasshopper.3dm (100.1 KB)

How do you want to control the color value? do you want a different slider for each region (which will be difficult if you have many regions) or do you want to drive the value some other way (for example by changing the name of the object in rhino)?

I do like to have a drifferent slider for each region, I don’t have more than 10 regions.

Any ideas how I can set this up? (16.5 KB)
And you could use plugins like pufferfish’s Tween Two Colors. (17.6 KB)

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