ColorPicker bug

Hi there,

when i click on a color field eg. in the material properties the ColorPicker opens with the wrong color in the HSV Color Wheel mode. I mean the color in the sqare inside the circle. I can even edit in the square area and it stays the wrong color. Once i click on the color wheel, the square top left changes to the correct color.

I’ll attach the video as zip file in case the above is not playable. (242.4 KB)


couldn’t reproduce your issue, to help you please post 1- the file you are having issues with, 2-system info 3- the current render you are using (legacy vs. current).

I’ve been seeing it too, but not every single time so since I could not reproduce it easily I did not report, but some bug is definitely there.

Hi -
To try to narrow things down a bit, are you seeing this on Rhino 8, and, is this only when editing materials or also layer colors?

Hi @Wim, this is happening with Rhino 7. I also don’t see it everytime, same like @Jarek, it sometimes happens. I’lll try to find a pattern.