ColorPicker background color is not changing

Hi everyone,

As you can understand below gif, when I change the color from opening ColorPicker dialog box, Value is changing but color on the ColorPicker is not changing even if I changing BackgroundColor value on the OnValueChanged event handler of ColorPicker. Why it is happening?

private ColorPicker myColorPicker;

private void OnValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
     Color newColor = this.myColorPicker.Value;
     this.myColorPicker.BackgroundColor = newColor;

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It looks like your color is completely transparent in the gif

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:cold_face: Yes… It solved now, thanks

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Is this a different topic? It looks like @oguzhankoral is creating a custom panel. It doesn’t look like a blurred out layer panel to me

@stevebaer Yes, this panel is custom for my plugin

Thanks, I moved the comment to a new thread