Colored line frames in perspective view

Yesterday, my problem was remedied by Command 4view. But since I’ve done that, I have two colored frames (turquoise and a gold color) in my perspective view that I can’t get rid of. Also, how do I get rid of those points? I started to delete them one by one, but that seems ridiculous. I tried turning off control point, and remove knots and unchecking to point box but they are all still there. Thanks for your help, on these basic issues.

Oops, here’s the screen shot.

Check in the properties panel for the safe frame. Click then, then uncheck Show Safe Frame.


OMG, that was so easy. But now what about these random points?

Hello - do these points go away if you tap the F11 key?


No, they don’t. I tried that too.

And if you run SelPt and Delete? Otherwise please post the file…


Selpt delete worked. Thanks so much for your patience with these elementary questions.