Color Type Hint

With the scripting tools in grasshopper (C# and VB) when specifying the input types with the Right click “Type Hint”, the color option sets the parameter to “color”, but the “system.drawing” namespace is not defined by the default template, so it throws an error.

Would it not make more sense for the default behaviour of the hint be to set the parameters type to “System.Drawing.Color” instead? OR have the “System.Drawing.Color” Namespace included in the template script?

For those who come across this error just add at the very top of the component :
in c# (Line 13):using System.Drawing;

in (Line 16):Imports System.Drawing

Just be careful in the rest of the component not to confuse points and rectangles from the system.drawing namespace with rhino’s

Or handle the casting in the component from the default object.