Color Plus Item Selector

i kmade an auto item selector for Color Plus gradients (needs Human’s item selector)

@DavidMans . Best I could think of, maybe you know smarter way for a future release

Color Plus Item (7.3 KB)

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This makes selection convenient. Thank you very much!

@DavidMans It will be really great if we can make custom colors based on the color scheme pictures online. Maybe we can download and crop the image and feed it to Color Plus (or more conveniently offer the URL of the image to Color Plus) and t will generate a new scheme with the color information in that.
It will significantly expand the color options for designers.

Searched in Google Image.

Searched on Pinterest.

@Quan_Li , maybe have a look at: Grasshopper Developing Grasshopper Gradients Management | (

PS: did you know the gh colorpicker works outside the canvas? So you can pick the colors one by one from a webbased gradient for now and store them.

@DavidMans thanks for this great plugin. I use it often. Can you add the LadyBug color gradients?

@crz_06 thanks for this toggle. heads up, the Human’s item list valuelist doesn’t work inside a cluster. have a look at this thread: Setting the entries in a value list? - Grasshopper / metahopper - McNeel Forum