Color misspelling

Typo in grasshopper components. “Color” does not rhyme with “velour,” therefore it should not be spelled as it is currently in GH.


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Definition of colour

chiefly British spelling of COLOR




It should at least pop up in the component search results under either spellung–it drives me nuts when I get null results for “Color” ( yah, I know there’s tolerance settings in there somewhere).

Just stop typing at “colo” and look at the search results. :wink:

That’s weird, as the matching is supposed to be based on Levenshtein text distance. The distance between “color” and “colour” is 1, and there’s no other word used in component names which has the same distance.

I’m on a tablet now without Rhino so can’t check this until I get back into the office (after Christmas).

If I type ‘color,’ there’s enough results spelled “color” that any others w/in LevTxtDist(1) are displaced out of the menu.

Yah, the days of completely spelling things has come to a close. I suppose if I could remember to spell only “colo,” I could remember to spell “colour” just as easily; as it is, the word is “color.”

You don’t need to do remember anything, just look at the results as you type.

I’m too fast :wink:

I’d hate to be an oblivious pedestrian crossing the street in from of you! :wink:

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I walk, so you should be fine.
…back to spelling…