Color Mesh Problem

Hi all,

I’m trying to do color mesh but it turn out wrong as image shown below.
Maybe I should go for pointcloud coloring instead of mesh? (211.0 KB)

color_mesh.3dm (132.5 KB)

Any help is going to be appreciated.

More like this? (534.8 KB)

Hi @Adam_M thanks for the reply.

Very close! But the reason I used Spray is that the color has to be smooth blend.
By the way, how did you rebuild the mesh and reassign the color?

You could use the Weaverbird Blur Mesh component (8.9 KB)

image image

@Adam_M @DanielPiker Thanks all for the help,

Here I made a original file of Voxel Mesh, Voxel Center Points and its corresponding colors.
There are two mesh to start with - 1. Mesh from each voxels 2. Mesh from XYZ plane of bounding box.
I wonder which is better to use in terms of coloring purpose?

In addition, note that in the file the the points and voxels don’t have the same number of amount (some points were cull out) since those were collided into other geometries.

Voxel Mesh (2.7 MB)