Color in dxf export from ShapeDiver

For laserproduction I would like to export a dxf-file with two different colors, one for the geometry and another for text.

Is that possible?

when you export to dxf from rhino it preserves the layer colour so you could just bake your geometry to one layer and text to another layer, then export as dxf.

Or do you want to export direct from GH to a dxf?

It is from ShapeDiver that I would like to export with colors.

Found it.

Using the example file from ShapeDiver “3B - Export with properties” it was possible to add text in another color.
The fault I made previously was that my text was grouped, and that doesn’t work with “ShapeDiverSetProperties”.

So the answer is, Yes it is possible to export a dxf with more than one color.

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