Color Gradient

Hello, I am wondering what some approaches would be to add a color gradient to something this this

I am easily able to do this on a single surface as seen below. I have tried to join these individual surfaces but am not able to apply the color gradient.

you should send your Gh file.

Consider adding colours to the geometry based on the parameterisation of the underlying surface, or the XYZ coiordinates of the geometry. I would add a colour per piece, and would not join them.

Here Iā€™m using the distance from the middle of each surface to a curve, but you can use any other list of numbers that makes sense. (120.3 KB)

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Thanks for the replies

I am still having difficulty applying the gradient. The surfaces are created from lofting sets of curves.
Attached is a rhino file and the gh file


Works exactly as mentioned in previous post. Need to flatten your lofted breps. (20.8 KB)

Thank you!