Color gradient based on z coords of geometry

hello. amateur gshp user here. i have a list of points on a wall, and am populating a random set of those points with geometries. i would like to isolate the z value of those points and create a color gradient of my geometry. how should i proceed?

thanks in anticipation

oh also no plugins please

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most of the time it is good you provide a script.

For your problem tou must provide a Lower Limit and Upper limit for the gradiant. By default it is [0, 1]
You have a component to evaluate the domain of a list. And it surely better to put the Z in the gradiant.

And if I do like you here the answer

Is it not more easy with the name ?.

hello. thank you. next time i will attach gh file and use bifocals too. have a great day

Gh file is better, try to put just the necessary information and geometry. It is more simple to help as it limits the search, it limits the number of plugin …