Color Fill Custom Preview that works with Vector Printing?

I am using grasshopper (rhino 7) to generate some sections and 3d geometry and the goal is to get everything to print using vector processing since its a lot more crisp than raster processing. The grasshopper generated lines from Human’s “Custom preview Lineweights” and text from the native “text tag 3d” all work perfectly but I cannot find a component that will create colored hatches that will print.

I have tried multiple view presets including the native shaded and no difference. For now I am printing two layers-one with rastor colors and one with the the lines and text, but this is not ideal. See attached images for a visual on the the printing previews.

Thanks for the help!


I hope you found it since,

Do you have a CreateHatch Component in your Human?


Hi Sash, I have this component but am not able to get it to display a colored preview of the hatch without baking it. Are you able to do this? Thanks!