Color doesn`t change and Undo is highly restricted

The color of the inserted objects doesn`t change to the color of the layer despite the setting - “do not save original color” is selected.

And another problem:
Sometimes Undo undo only several steps and occasionally stops at 2nd or 3rd step.
I need to set Undo for 10-15 steps.How can I do this?

Make sure you have “Display Color” set to “By Layer” in the object’s properties.

Where do you set that?

You cannot really set it to a specific number of undoes. You’ll have to increase your “Max memory used” setting to increase the number of steps. Do note that even if you increase the memory usage, you might still only have one single step of undo available… It all depends on how much memory a specific step takes…

That`s helped,
thank you!