Color display suddenly changes few days after uploading a tested model

Hi, in our online constructor, the user can customize their house in 12 steps, the last one being color palette selection.

We were faced with an issue that our model would display all the color palettes correctly immediately after uploading, but the next days it would start malfunctioning and displaying all the house elements in just one hue despite the fact that the definition hasn’t displayed this bug neither in grasshopper nor in the SD Preview during previous tests and the model hasn’t been manipulated in any way since then.

The cycle repeats - after uploading the identical unchanged model anew, it would run properly for some time and regress to the same bug again the following days, which made us wonder whether there might be any processes, updates, versions, etc. from the side of ShapeDiver, that might cause this behavior.

This would occur only for some specific palettes, which makes it even more confusing, as the code for each palette display is identical.

Preview screenshots as well as algorithm description and the simplified definition are attached

Would be incredibly grateful for any ideas on what we might be missing, thanks!

ShapeDiver Business, username: reukraine
Link to the full original model with a bug: ShapeDiver
Link to the identical but newly uploaded model, where the bug is not present: ShapeDiver

Newly uploaded model, where the bug is not present:

Identical model uploaded some time ago, the bug appeared:

In order to track down this problem, it will be necessary to work on identifying the component which causes it. It could be

  1. a bug in the viewer (you can update to the latest version)
  2. a bug in your web app (as far as I understand from your description this is unlikely)
  3. a bug in your Grasshopper model
  4. a bug in our Grasshopper plugin

Can you reproduce the problem on our platform? If so, please identify the specific computations in the computations log which exhibit this problem. Then you can start adding debug outputs to your model. As an example, it could be that the tree structures in your model get messed up for some reason (e.g. due to tolerance issues).

Thank you for the hints!

  1. We tried updating the viewer, but it didn’t solve the issue
  2. It’s unlikely the problem is with our web app, as the mistake is also displayed in the shapediver library in our account. It’s worth mentioning that the problem appears after some time, not initially after the upload
  3. We checked all the requirements for Shapedvier Preview node repeatedly and tried uploading multiple different definitions (our configurator consists of many design codes for different regions of Ukraine, each has a separate definition with unique sets of geometry and parameters) and all of them function as intended immediately after the upload, but all of them show similar mistakes out of the blue several days later. We thought of data trees getting messed up so we tried exploding the trees and displaying every color with a separate preview node (see screenshot). Still, the same problem appeared, only now some geometry was painted in the color it has absolutely nothing to do with. In the last screenshot of the SD viewer, we see the geometry from the third branch was assigned the color from the first branch.

Would be incredibly grateful for any ideas on what else we could check on our side or what else we might be missing, thanks!

Thank you for giving us a detailed report on the issue you are facing. At this point, it is still difficult to identify where the issue could come from. It would be helpful to get a minimal version of your definition so we could test further. This might be caused indeed by tree manipulation, in case some components are used to split or join geometry and assume a list order that might vary depending on rhino instances.

Once we have a minimal version for testing, we will be able to diagnose the issue more precisely. As a heads-up, in case it is viewer-related, our viewer developer is out of office until the end of next week, but we would them investigate further once he is back.