Color by User Value

Hi guys,

I have a set of walls and they have a property called type. I want to colorize them so same type of walls will have the same color. I found a way using Gradient but I don’t really want to use it because I have to set Gradient color manually. I want it to set a random color and if possible I want to change those colors as well. What should I do to achieve that? I couldn’t really understand how Color Wheel works.

Any help is welcomed. Rhino file and image that explains the final result that i want to have is below👇.

Color Walls by Type.3dm (2.5 MB)

with this you have a list of values and a correspondent list of rgb colors you can customize (44.1 KB)

any list of colors will work (for instance Wombat has a RandomColor component that I use pretty often, but even just using a Random component to generate n*3 values will be enough)

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Thanks inno, Random color was what I was looking for. :ok_hand: