Color-based Selection

Hi everyone,
I created a definition for color-based selection. In my definition, I could only group the meshes of domain model into two part: white and black. But I need to select gray zones. For example, orange marked zones can be for gray zones?
How to do that? Can you help me, please?

Thank you

Color (79.0 KB) (73.6 KB)
I think I have a simple solution, but I don’t know how to extract the mesh zones separately. I need separate mesh areas based on the color since I will use them to select voxels upon them.

you still ask the same question as there

What is not good on this ?
On your script in order to have the gray area you can use a boolean AND (less than x and more that y)

Yes, I remember. The problem in this case is that the values are improper for splitting zones according to the w,g, and b. Some areas are not selected or intertwine with each other.

if you want to go exclusively by color, the following probably isn’t very correct as it just averages the four vertex colors (and works just because for these greys R=G=B) but allows you to chose a “domain” of shades: (65.0 KB)

edit ohh, exactly this:

Mr @laurent_delrieu,

I could split the meshes by color and place voxels on them. If you use Crystallon, I have another question. When I distribute the unit cells on these voxels, their directions and joints are not proper. How can I solve this? As in my previous model, the lattices need to be connected to each other at the corner points.

last (393.4 KB)
previous (255.9 KB)