Color appearance

In the attached file - I have set background color to a light blue R=179 G=197 B=219 (Options-Appearance-Colors-Background). The two vertical surfaces has I have set to the same color (by layer), Yet in TextureShaded mode they look different. Why doesn’t them look the same color?
targil_0101.3dm (2.5 MB)

Hi dear rachelre

If i well understand the difference you said is:(in the below picture i pointed to it)

Is it true?

Hi @rachelre
Part of it is because the material is going to have some sort of reflect / refract settings, light and shadows. The Background is going to be unmodified by the lighting and other settings that your material will have. So your background will be the true color you input and your materials will have other lighting calculations that will change the way the color is perceived. Hope this helps.