Collecting only selected information from multiple points at the same time


I have a geometry where I used divided curve to get # amount of points. each points eventually connect to every other points. The end goal is to find the longest and the shortest curve from each point and showing all of them on the screen at the same time.

I was able to find the longest and the shortest curve for each point by using list item + index but I’m having a problem understanding how I can do the same process for all the points at the same time.

If my description is not clear please let me know!
Thank you for your help in advance.

Have a look at the attachment.

Sort Connection (11.9 KB)

Thank you very much Mr. Kim.
This is exactly what I was looking for.

I added a small script where I only want to analyze the curves inside of the geometry; thus, I included trim with region component. When I did that it seems like the data got messed up and when I select either longest or shortest curves, it selects everything inside. (but actually technically not everything because there are small segments inside that are not selected)

What happened when I inserted that component?
Thank you very much once again for your time and effort to explain.

Use Shift Paths right after Trim with Region.

Mr.Kim, thank you for the clarification. learning a lot.
I was checking the script and the output and came across two questions.

when I selected point 2 to check all the lines that are going out from it, it gave me two errors,

  1. some of the lines from point 3 are also selected.
  2. some lines are actually missing from point 2 (see the black dotted line).

I understood your script and it was very clear from my understanding. not sure why this is causing a problem like this.

I attached the file for your information just in case.
I truly appreciate your time Mr. Kim. (7.7 KB)

You didn’t internalised your boundary curve.

are you referring to this function?

just curious how the boundary curve is a solution to those two problems I faced above.
Thank you very much!

And according to your screengrab and discription, you seems to have misunderstandings about datatree concept.

What your doing with List Item with index no.2 is the selection of every third items per every points.
You should use Tree Branchwith branch index {2} first and after that use List Item.


truly appreciate your time and lesson !!