Collect lines attached to point

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it would be possible to gain the lines that are attached to a point.
I am creating a truss rafter and I would like to collect the data per point (as shown in the image). So for example:

The number of points are variable. In this case in the top chord there are 9 points between the endpoints, but in theory this could have been every number.

The input is as following


Collect data per point (2.6 KB)

The file contains only the data of the truss, because the rest is irrelevant for this case.

The number of points in top and bottom is variable, but the bottom will always have one point less than top. So in this case the botom has 10 points, but this could be (in theory) any number

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Something like this?

Collect data per point (18.7 KB)

See this as well (Sandbox used for the graph PL connectivity). (19.0 KB)

Both solutions worked for me,

thanks a lot guys!