Collada from Rhino

I know is not a Lumion forum, but whenever I export a slightly complex geometry from rhino to lumion 8 and start aplying materials the whole modelling turns black.

Anyone knows what is happening?

Black materials can mean several things.

  1. Material assigned?
  2. Normals pointing outward?
  3. Select 'both sides" if applicable.
  4. Geometry omitted from light(s)?
  5. Two copies of geometry on top of each other?
  6. Material reflectivity: If its set to 0%, it might look weird. Start with at least 40 or 50%.

Check your lighting.
If you have no ambient light, then everything in the shadows will be black. That looks like a possible variable as you ground plane shadows are close to 100% black.

whenever i start lumion program it seems alright, the upcoming materials from rhino are all ok. But whenever i start applying materials on lumion it turns all black and i can only assign material for 1 part of the modelling.

there is no two coppies on top of eachother; i am not using any light in rhino; i assigned materials from rhino and then expor to lumion

If the error happens when tweaking the scene in Lumion you are probably better off asking them.

I would assign ALL materials in the rendering program. Don’t try to use 3rd party materials with ANY rendering app. Use their materials.

I need to assign materials in rhino to be able to change them in lumion… if i dont do this lumion will assume that everything have the same material.

That is fine! Let Lumion make that assumption.

I’m suggesting you assign NO materials in Rhino and do it all in the rendering program. Use Lumion materials, Lumion lights, etc. DO NOT mix and match; this is why you have errors.

You will save time by only assigning materials ONE TIME, in Lumion. Then, hey, no problems to fix. Yay.


happened the same thing… i don’t know what else should i do

I’ve seen this issue before when importing obj files into different renderers but don’t use Lumion so I can’t say it’s the exact same issue. I don’t think that all the objects are considered one but rather that all the objects have the same material name, e.g. default or material 001.

Here’s a simple python script one of the devs (@stevebaer I think) wrote back in 2010 that will assign a unique material name to each object in the scene with groups being respected as well. It may help in your transfer time to Lumion. Use the command RunPythonScript and select this file with your model open then export to dae to test if it helped. (1.8 KB)

ohh Lord, if I just new this script before it would have save me big time hahahaha. Thanks for sharing it, will try it when i come back home.

Is there anywhere that I can see other scripts like this one?