Colibri image generator does not write of images

hi all.
For a university project i am trying to create a generated database to train an AI model. Therefore i created an iterative code based on rotations, different scales, different positions of 2D-plan components. For example doors, windows, in their normated 2D-drawings.

Now, the code works, but there is one thing that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. The image function for colibri doesn’t write of the images to my hard drive. It does however perform the iterations. I’ll attach a video of proof. Can anybody explain how i can fix this?

You can find my code, some screenshots, a video in attachment

Kind regards, i’d be eternally grateful for more information about this,
FINAL iterations (44.4 KB)

maybe it is also important to say the colibri command does create an excell file with the supposed image names

Please, have you found the solution?