Coincident points on subd input mesh issue

Thought I’d have a go at importing some old subd models I made many moons ago.

In general they all looked pretty good using the subd from mesh command, but found one problem with a mesh that had coincident points. See below for details.

I can’t wait to have full subd functionality in Rhino, very exciting!

Check this topic

It has a lot of info on subd and also some stuff on creases. If I’m not mistaken, coincident points are not the way to configure a crease. Also, there is a separate topic category for Subd.

Many thanks Menno, not sure that this is a crease configuration problem. I modelled it that way because it was in the days before you could add in edge weights. Seems to import fine into modo and max, so looks like it could be an issue with reading in the obj file.
I’ve also noticed that reading in an FBX results in not being able to add the controller points.
I guess it’s early days, but it’s promising.