Coin Lighting setup / Scene and material need Help thank you

Hi there to everyone , guys a friend of mine asked me to make him a coin/token - I’m not a expert in rhino, I’ve played around few times , I’ve done the coin the problem is how to setup a good scene and to achieve this effects like in the video below - also I want to spin the coin -

If you guys can give some hits I will much appreciate - thank you

Here is what I’ve done so far pic1
Here is my file gorilla coin
Here is what I would like to achieve video youtube

  1. normal texture is missing
  2. from the sample video it is clear that the lights are animated
  3. from the sample video it is clear some post processing is done - bloom type of effect in the very least.

Anyway, I don’t have V-Ray, so I used Rhino metal which I converted to a Physically Based material. I set it to a yellow/orange color, and added anisotropy with some rotation to the anisotropy, like 0.30. I also upped the roughness. This is necessary since there is further nothing in the scene, so light doesn’t show up at all - no useful reflections without an environment.

The anisotropy is necessary to get the relief to pop.

I used rectangular lights in various locations and orientations, a couple for the high lights of the rim, a couple for fill lighting and some which I’d animated (position and orientation) to get moving highlight effects.

Here some renders with various settings, some different tonemappings, some with bloom etc.

Looks nice Nathan - thank you for your time and effort ! - I will give it a go…

If I can’t do it , prob I will import my staff in blender and try there looks more easy to achieve the effect ! .

Thx again buddy , have a good day !

FWIW Rhino Render and Raytraced both use the Blender Cycles engine (:

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