Coffee bean animation

It feels great to to this kind of animations without leaving rhino + grasshopper!


coffee beans where i buy them at least are brown, i think there is something going on with yours i would bring them back or roast them a little longer :stuck_out_tongue:

jokes aside nicely done, is that due to grasshopper 2? kangaroo? can you explain briefly how this was set up?

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sorry!!! i typed grasshopper while tagging and did not see that i clicked on grasshopper2!! i’ve changed the tag!

i agree with you, it needs some more roasting!!!

it’s fully done with classic components + vray timeline but i’ll take a look and try something with kangaroo.

Sweet animation! I’m curious, Does the vray component include settings for motion blur? I did find an older tutorial that showed some camera settings like dof and shutter speed etc. Would be amazing if it did!

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actually now that I think about it more, the component is simply translating the data from vray to grasshopper so probably not…

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not sure but i think it does the opposite way. from gh to vray


Wait Vray has a motion blur option now? I just upgraded recently and don’t remember ever having the option - need to play around with it when I get home! I’ve always just exported to 3ds max for animation.

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