Coarse Interface / Toolbar Generation

Dear Rhinoceri,

There’s some continuing problem with building up the screen in my Rhino (Version 5 SR9 64-bit - 5.9.40609.20145, 9/06/2014). The screen stays really coarse and pixelated on top of some toolbars. As if they don’t get generated correctly by Rhino. If you move your mouse over them, the coarse pixels restore themselves in a correct representation of the toolbar. There’s nothing wrong with the functionality of the toolbars… just some sort of hickup in the presentation of them. It’s not constant. It’s more present when I have ‘Rendered’ Display Mode active.

Anyone having the same problems?
Thank you

Could you please post your OpenGL settings?

These are my current settings…

I think a screen grab of what you’re seeing would be helpful the next time it happens.


(Amongst others).