CNC trutops program

Hello friends, I’ve created a perforated facade with circles in the grasshopper. Circles made by radius and center point. In rhino, it’s a closed curve with diagonal and radius point and control points, in AutoCAD this geometry has 4 diagonal points. Now when I am exporting the geometry to trutops program for production, the circles appear like polygons with a lot of edges.
Do you have any idea how to export the geometry correctly?

Somewhere in the conversion process your arcs are being converted to poly lines.

If the dxf format is involved then there are different versions that deal with lines and arcs and splines differently.

I would check through all your export and import settings looking for things relating to “convert arcs and splines to polylines”

I’m not familiar with autocad or trutops so can’t be specific.

Also check if trutops can actually deal with arcs… Some cam software may only be able to work with lines so then you need to check the resolution settings so curves are approximated with very small lines to minimise faceting.

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thank you martynjhogg

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