CNC output

We do about 90% automotive and 10% aerospace. We run Hermle 5-axis CNC machines and a variety of other 3-axis machines (Doosan for example), spread over Canada, the US and Mexico.

That’s definitely a factor in the CAM software we choose. For example if we were doing woodwork on routers we would not be using CAM software that is as feature rich as what we use. We use WorkNC for the 5-axis machines, and RhinoCAM for 3-axis, drilling plates, etc. We can do 5-axis with RhinoCAM too, but the machine operators prefer WorkNC since we’ve got a much longer history with them (started in 1994 with WorkNC). We did use madCAM for years for our 3-axis work, but unfortunately we were moving forward faster than madCAM development was, so we needed to switch it up to get the features we needed. I’m sure Joakim will get there eventually, but we couldn’t wait. You might want to give madCAM a look too, and see if it suits your needs. It is extremely well integrated into Rhino.

I would imagine the free version from MecSoft is extremely limited. They do have a series of versions, and what you purchase would be dependant upon your needs. I would imagine the support is the same regardless.

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