CNC machining 5axes


I modeled a solid complex from RHINO using Boolean functions. The mesh appears perfectly welded in Rhino. But the cabinetmaker who does the machining under Topsolid tells me that certain solid construction curves hinder the machining.
He had to model all the 3D in Topsolid.

How to make my RHINO 3D model perfect for direct machining. (to avoid these construction curves.) ?
Please could you indicate me a tutorial ?

Thank you.

Translated with

How are you exporting the file to Topsolid? Can you import it back into Rhino and see if it’s still closed? I don’t know Topsolid at all, so it’s hard to speak on the quality of their translators. However, IMHO, a CAM product that can only work with solid models is like having a car that can only drive on concrete. Turn the corner and face asphalt or gravel roads and you can’t proceed until the road is paved. That’s a pretty useless car.

I’ve run across other products like this when we outsource overflow work to local shops. Some absolutely have to have closed solids or their software won’t work. Others (ourselves included) can work with solids, surfaces and even produce cutter paths on meshes.