CMM Ball Tip Compensation

Hi All,
Just re-visiting a subject from a few years ago to see if any progress has been made in this area.
Back then I did some CMM measuring, but had problems with the Ball Tip inaccurately recording metrics.
I needed a CMM Ball Tip Compensation app for Rhino.
Does anybody know if such a software add-on exists for Rhino?
I know others have it, but not sure about Rhino.

Hi Chris - all I know of is the document you are already familiar with -
I do not know of any app, myself.


Thanx Pascal.
Totally different process.
I’m talking about the ball tip being compensated in 3d space when it touches an object.
The surface of the ball is a given distance from the theoretical measuring point at the probe tip.
So that distance must be compensated for inside the data receiving software.
That’s what I’m referring to…

Check with the CMM manufacturer to determine if they have developed plugin that supports Rhino or other applications. It unlikely that any CAD application will support a specific device unless the hardware manufacturer has already provided a solution for the specific application.

Yeah, thanx.
I already know that.
Nobody is doing anything for Rhino.
Only SW and the big boys’ software.

Unfortunately its the hardware manufacturers responsibility to support their device.
If they don’t support it why would anyone else?

It’s just too bad there isn’t a standard that everybody uses so these things can easily be done by the 3rd party software people like McNeel. Gotta luv the way competition is used to screw the customer and extract coins out of them!