Clusters in grasshopper

Can someone tell me what is the best tutorial for Clusters please

I don’t know if there are any. Clusters should be pretty straight forward to use.
What do you struggle with?

I am not struggling…yet! Just trying to learn Grasshopper.AT this stage I am only trying to understand the work flow but (more importantly trying to understand what the components rally are because some of the component names are very difficult to work out what they are. “Cluster” for example is one of them. I have been following videos tutorials and I am finding difficult to go beyond a certain point. I am pretty good on Rhino, I’ve wroked on V5, V6 and 7 but Grasshopper is very hard for me. I am a sculptor and trying to get into parametric stuff.

Check this out: Clusters and Hops - TOI-Pedia. TU Delft offers some nice tutorials about learning Grasshopper, including stuff about clusters.

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