Cluster update problem/bug

If I adjust the Revit path nothing happens, if I then run recompute the sheet piles of the path are adjusted but not the interlocks and the neighboring sheet piles, these are only adjusted if I open the cluster “SpWPath v0.3” and then close it “dicard&close or save & close”. I tried to force it with trigger but it doesn’t do anything and only the manual but annoying way works.

Without using clusters it runs without problems and is also automatically adjusted without “recompute” but I need the cluser to place large sheet piles and adjust them if necessary.

Original Path

Adjusted Path (with recompute)

Path (after manuell open Cluster and close)

I use Revit 2021/22 and Rhino inside Revit 1.8.8234.21556 (2022-07-18)

Hi Bjornsmolarek,

That maybe just how clusters behave (recompute req’d) in this case, can you post a small example?

Here Kike is using a Cluster to query elements.

I attached the Revit 2021 file and the Grasshopper script

Projekt1.rvt (5.6 MB) (112.7 KB)

On the left and below are just temporary tests that should be added later but are not final yet, so please don’t pay too much attention to them. :sweat_smile:

In the test on the left, I also noticed that if I pack the marked area into a cluster it is no longer updated, outside of a cluster everything works without problems.

Many thanks for your help

I did another test and if I don’t include the Revit curve element and only the Grasshopper nodes/c# scripts, for example, then the automatic update works. There seems to be a real issue with updating Rhino inside Revit nodes within a cluster

If nothing is changing in the Grasshopper document/inputs to the cluster it won’t update, creating a pseudo input that changes & will initiate a refresh of the cluster without the manual re-compute. Personally my solution to this is to not use clusters.

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Hi Japhy,
Unfortunately, I have to use the clusters, otherwise the overview is lost (large number of sheet piles and notes) and it should also be used by people in the company who are not familiar with Grasshopper but your note about updating the clusters helped me a lot.

I found these two options.

  1. Either within the sheet pile and lock cluster, create a dummy and in the main script a button to trigger the update.
  2. Or connect the clusters to a trigger that updates them at regular intervals.

Many thanks for your help.

I’m probably missing the larger issue, but one can also recompute a cluster from within. See an example here: