Cluster error

When I enter the cluster I see different result (video) than outside. In my case correct view is in cluster :confused:.
I’ve tried to explode cluster (nothing change [there is another cluser inside]) to find what happened.
This time I spotted that inside second cluster I have 18 outputs but inside 3rd cluster I export only 15 elements. While exporting (cluster output) I’m getting extra 3 elements.
But really I don’t want to explode all my clusters… (55.6 KB)

Way too many clusters, mate! Many of them with no outputs at all. UGH! Too many levels to wade through as well. There is no way to glance at this code and have any clue about what is going on.

This is part of bigger application.
There is no output because this is only for preview dimensions (Text Tag 3D).
In this cluster is a lot more data, but I cut it (there wasn’t problem with it and there is no reason to put it hire it will only distract).