clr.CompileModules giving an error in R8

When I try to run clr.CompileModules() to compile a .ghpy file in the Rhino 8 WIP (8.0.23003.14305, 2023-01-03), it’s giving me an error:

“Specified Method is not supported”. The error is on the same line as the clr.CompileModules() call.

I haven’t changed anything from my Rhino 7 setup AFAIK. I also did a small test which did not work either. Maybe the formatting changed? Having trouble finding an answer.

@piac, any ideas?

Oh, I found this. I imagine this is at least part of the issue?

Hi Chris -

You could check that hypothesis by running the SetDotNetRuntime command and making Rhino 8 run in .NET Framework 4.8.

Thanks, Wim. This works, but I want to create ghpy files that actually run for users in Rhino 8.

@wim or @piac

Any more ideas about how compiling ghpy in the new Rhino 8 - NetCore - Grasshopper 2 universe will look?

Will this stuff be covered in the upcoming webinar for developers?