CloudZoo worked well with V7 upgrade

Hi all,

I upgraded our licenses to V7 today. I ordered them from McNeel Miami just in case, so if I have any problem with the licensing system, I can complain to its developer’s Mom (for those not in the know: @aj1 writes the cloud Zoo stuff, AJ’s Mom @jackie runs McNeel Miami).

I input all my serial numbers (I had to do one at a time), and it asked me for a RH06 serial number. That’s a bit of a hassle, since you need to have a worksheet with all V6 and V7 numbers, but since I only have 12 it wasn’t too bad.

Congrats to you all at McNeel for this very nice release! Just please don’t take another 12 years to make a new release again. It feels so wrong to give you so little money for so many years.

Get some rest this week. I’ll be back with a shit-ton of bugs and requests for V8 starting next week. I’m going to speak up about material editor, PBR, UVunwrapping, history, clipping planes, and I might even bring up the B-word.

New Rule: New requests and bug fixes in V8 will be granted in order of seniority of V7 commercial licenses’ ownership. So you all better hurry up!



Speak for yourself! As a user who doesn’t need more than one copy and finds the price point to be just optimum between software capability and affordability, I think the price is just right, especially at the upgrade intro price.

On the other hand, I’m sure McNeel wouldn’t object if you voluntarily sent them an amount you think is appropriate. :slightly_smiling_face: That would help them keep the price where it is for us small-time users.

I think I messed up my calendar’s math. I was thinking it took 12 years since the release of Rhino 6, but I guess V6 was officially launched in in 2018? that’s more like 2 years :wink:

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We work hard to make it feel that way.



Almost 3… Feb 2018. If we go by ‘official’ launch dates that is like 2 years and 10 months. IMO around 3 years is the “sweet spot” for new releases and this one really has a LOT of new stuff. :+1:

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Major releases between Rhino 2 and Rhino 6 averaged five years. Three years with the amount of new stuff as in Rhino 7 is great and I hope it continues.