Cloud Zoo -- Possible to kick out another user on accident?

@Matt8 I am glad in a way to learn you are able to save.

From what I can tell (and correct me if I’m wrong), if a Rhino session doesn’t get user input for about 5 minutes, it becomes ‘inactive’ and releases the license

This should not be the case, barring some exceptions. Normally, you have to close your computer, close Rhino, or disconnect from the network to lose your license. It may be worth doing a controlled experiment by opening Rhino on a computer that does not sleep/standby or turn on a screensaver and leaving it there connected to the internet to see what happens.

Another feature that I would love to see is the ability for the administrator to remotely ‘force inactive’ or terminate a session, maybe from the ‘Live Usage’ view?

You are not the first person to ask for this. We are working as hard as we can to improve the user experience, and this is something on our list. See WWW-740.


I’ve just had the issue again. I was using the Rhino 6 license, my colleague got the license and I was booted out. As far as I can tell my computer didn’t go to sleep in that time but I might not have actively interacted with my Rhino 6 window in maybe an hour.

The bigger issue is that I wasn’t able to save my work. I got the notification that the license was now taken by another user. I clicked ok on that window and then Rhino locked up. When I clicked anywhere on the Rhino window, even the Windows border, I would get the chime sound. It acted similarly to when there’s a pop up window that needs to be interacted with. However, I couldn’t find a pop up window. I dug through the alt-tab list, tried minimizing all my windows, and I couldn’t find anything else belonging to Rhino 6. I had to force quit Rhino 6 through the Task Manager, even right clicking in the task bar and hitting close window wasn’t doing anything.

Hello @Louis_Leblanc,

I am very sorry to hear about that experience. The expected behavior is not for Rhino to lock up. It should ask you-in a popup window-whether you want to save your changes to your model. Is there any chance Rhino asked you to send a crash report when you reopened it?


Luckily I didn’t loose that much meaningful work.

I didn’t get a crash report. It really felt to me like I got a notification pop up (probably that “do you want to save” window you’re talking about) but it was stuck behind the main Rhino window. My computer didn’t feel sluggish, I could alt-tab in and out of that window easily. That’s not usually my experience with Rhino crashes. As I had mentioned previously, I was getting the Windows chime I usually get when for example I have the document properties panel open and I try to click on a viewport.

A colleague of mine has been facing the same issue : kicked out of Rhino without the possibility of saving his files when another colleague took an already used license.

Sorry to bump this topic, however, my office (2 users) just got a rhino license and we’d like to avoid this issue, and it’s not clear that the issue was fully resolved.

@Louis_Leblanc, @Matt8, @BaptisteC have you been able to resolve the issue in practice?

I’ll be performing two controlled tests. Other test scenarios suggestions are welcome.

The first scenario has to do with safe handoff when a PC sleeps:

Test Scenario A: License Renegotiation after power saving

  1. User A: Open rhino / reserve a license
    Edit an existing model
    Sleep the PC
  2. User B: Open rhino / reserve a license
  3. User A: Awaken PC from Sleep

Expected outcome: User A gets option to save their work

The second scenario will attempt to safely “kick off” an inactive user:

Test Scenario B: License Renegotiation when user is away from PC

  1. User A: Open Rhino & reserve a license
  2. User A: Create and save a new model
  3. User A: Change the model
  4. User A: Simulate “walking away” from PC
  5. User B: Open Rhino & request license
  6. User B: Click “try again” a few dozen times

Expected outcome (according to comment #10 by Louis):
i) User B can eventually “kick off” User A
ii) User A can still save their work

Is there now a way to ‘release’ a licence in use in Cloud Zoo teams? We have 8 users and soon to be 6 licenses. I need the ability to boot a user’s license, without having to remove them from the team.

thank you,

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This sounds kind of brutal the way you put it. Can you be a little more specific describing the scenario and what you would like to do? I read your post to mean you would like to be able, as the license administrator, to be able to unilaterally abort an active user’s license so it can be captured by someone else. Is that about it?

Yes. As of now it’s unclear to me how to make a license available if all Rhino licenses are open, but say one is not being actively used (ex. user did not log out). From the documentation for Cloud Zoo I read that I have to remove a user from the team just to free up a license. This seems wrong to me.

Hi @carvecream,

Our current policy is not to allow remote booting of a user by a team administrator. The user does not have to log out of Rhino for the license to be freed, but the computer must be shut down / sleep, or Rhino must be closed on the computer.


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So when someone leaves the computer running and Rhino open there is no way to release that license back to the cloud zoo (without removing them from the team)?

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Maybe you can Remote Desktop onto the system and close Rhino.
Perhaps call the fool that walked away with Rhino open and ask them to close it.
If the computer Sleeps or Hibernates the license should release too.

Good to know about the sleep/hibernate release.

For anyone following along at home, WWW-740 was closed yesterday, unfortunately.