Cloud Zoo localization and documentation?


is there a documentation and a localization (german, etc.) for the Cloud Zoo?

The Cloud Zoo seams to be not self-explanatory.

I had a customer call for about 20 minutes, to guide him through the licensing process.



Hi Michael,

Yep, I agree, this needs a lot more clarity and organization (there is a thread by me in the resellers section).

Right now, the info is in two places under “licenses” (McNeel main site) and “cloud zoo” (McNeel Wiki) and in general is pretty “sparse”.

All the information that customers/users need concerning Rhino accounts, licenses and both Zoos should be centralized into one area with cross-links between the different sections. And a user guide such as the one available for the Zoo currently should be created, bonus it that could be a PDF that resellers could send to users.

Hopefully this gets done before the official release announcement, otherwise it’s going to be a mess…