Cloud Zoo License Management Available in Rhino 6

Thank you for the reply.
When I configure the needed settings I eventually get the error that the domain/server cannot be reached to verify ownership.

What should I do to get help/support on this matter?

Hi I have two licenses of Rhino 6: my Personal Edu Licence and also I am a team member of our school where we bought Kit licence. I am using a same account for both licences. I expected, that if I will use my personal licence on my desktop computer, it would be possible to use my schoolar team licence on my laptop simultanly, but reality is different. My laptop is checking only for my personal licence which has to be removed from my desktop computer. How I can use my Kit licence on my laptop with the same Rhino account (where my personal licence is)? Is it possible to set priory which licence I want to use? Some students have similar problem, where evaulation licence on their accounts doesn’t allow them to use the Kit licence.
Thank you for any advice.

By default, Rhino will use the license in your Personal licenses first. If no license is found there, then it looks for Team licenses.
There is an Advanced Option setting that allows you to manually choose where you want to get a license when you log in:

Run Options > Advanced, and search for “manual”.
You’ll find this:

  1. Set it to True
  2. Close Options
  3. Logout. Rhino will close
  4. Start Rhino and Login
    You’ll be asked to select where you want to get a license.

You’ll need to do this on both of your computers as the setting is stored in the local installation.

Any luck?


Thank you a lot John, it works like a charm :wink: .

I was just trying to view the graph of usage of my licenses in the Cloud Zoo. The past hour and today tabs work fine but the custom option isn’t working correctly. If I change the from date to anything else it automatically jumps to the 25th Feb. I want to see at minimum the last month, preferably the last year.

I apologize for the inconvenience. For performance reasons, the custom tab only allows you to navigate the history in the last day or so. We are looking to improve this experience in the near future. May I ask what you are trying to accomplish by viewing historical usage?

Oh, well that wasn’t at all clear.

I basically want to understand how well utilized my licenses are. Looking at just the last few days doesn’t accomplish this.

Thanks for your patience and your feedback. I am working in improving the performance of this feature without dragging down the throughput of the system.

Andres, one think that hep in many companies to justify the purchase of extra license is being notified when/if/how often users gets rejected to run Rhino because there are not enough licenses available. Having such information it makes the business case to order new licenses much easier.

…Just trying to help you make ‘mas plata’.


@Daniel_Niziolek I’d just thought I chime in… you should now be able to look back at 2 months of historical data for your team.

Hi @aj1

As a third party developer we’re interested in adding our plug-in to the Cloud Zoo. Is there already a unified documentation somewhere? What’s the way to go? I’m finding some bits here and there and I’m afraid of missing something.

Also, is it possible to integrate in the Zoo while keeping our own validation scheme?

Thank you,

Hi Pablo,

We are working on comprehensive documentation as I write this. It will be available in less than a month. I will be sure to let everyone know through this forum once it’s published.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean with your last question, so to prevent confusion, I’ll let you elaborate a bit more.

Thank you @aj1, waiting for that documentation!

In our case we require online activation of our plug-in to be run, through a serial key license to be installed in max N machines.
I wonder how to make this work together within the Cloud Zoo. I remember Dale saying that the Zoo is compatible with this (Plug-in licensing and best practices), so I guess this should be fine, but I’d like to know the details, possibilities, limitations, etc.



Cloud Zoo supports the notion of “seats”, or concurrent users. You can give a license a number of seats. For example, our lab licenses allow 30 seats, which means 30 users at any given time can run the software. If the 31st user opens Rhino, they will be told all licenses are in use.

I hope this helps. Like I said, once the documentation is out, implementation details will be much clearer.

Hi @aj1, is this documentation about Cloud Zoo published somewhere? We are waiting so much for this.


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Hi @pagarcia,

We have recently published some basic documentation on our developer’s site:

Thank you @aj1 :+1:

I see the documentation is RhinoCommon based. In our case the plug-in we develop is written in C++. How should we proceed to support Cloud Zoo?


Hi Pablo,

The server-side steps are the exact same thing regardless of the plug-in language The sample in the docs for the actual plugin has a bit of code examples for C++.


Andrés Jacobo

Robert McNeel & Associates

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New Rhino admin here which had no problem switching the company single license from Zoo to cloud Zoo.

Previously Rhino was only being accessed by one designer who might be sitting with the piping team one day to next week sitting with structure team (different computers/desk/section).
Zoo works great on the LAN environment for this and when management had two designer’s swapping roles it was easy to find out where the license was left logged in and by who.
Never had to kick a user off a license because they left for the day and forgot to log out but felt it was very easy to do.

Recently one of the designers now is sub contracted out of the office or working from home and we switched to the Cloud Zoo. So the two designers could still swap the license back and forth.
How do I retract the license back to the pool if the out of office user is not available to release the license? I see no way as the admin or owner a other then to remove the person from the Rhino team which doesn’t seem like the solution.
Any advice?

Also I was told that if this scenario happened that anyone could request the license and the person who had the license would be notified of the request. They had a set time to decline the request and keep the license. If the request was unanswered then the license would be released back to the pool.
Is this a soon to be released feature or something just discussed with the Rhino team?


Hi Colin,

Welcome to the forums!

Our current policy is not to allow remote booting of a user by a team administrator. The user does not have to log out of Rhino for the license to be freed, but the computer must be shut down, gone to sleep/standby, or Rhino must be closed on the computer.